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Because moving pictures are so... moving. Like, emotionally.

The Sunflower experience
This add-on can be applied to any of the packages listed above.  Your video will be a montage of clips captured throughout each event played over a soundtrack of your choosing, or a photographer's pick by a local or up-and-coming artist. 

Clips may be captured at your engagement and/or bridal sessions if a session is included.

A Team of Two
A Dedicated Cinematographer and a well-trained Assistant​​​
Wedding Day Montage

Single camera coverage of ceremony and speeches
Approximately six minutes of intense emotion. Are you ready?


The Lotus experience
Audio and multiple camera angles is what sets this package apart. Vows, speeches, all the sounds of the day mixed into your video, and we'll even deliver the tracks we're unable to use, so you'll have everything. A second videographer helps us capture different angles during key moments, and we're able to be in two places at once.
A Team of Three
Two Dedicated Cinematographers and a well-trained Assistant
3 min Engagement session montage
The assistant at your engagement or bridal session is instead an experienced videographer​
Wedding Day Montage
Approximately six minutes of intense emotion. Are you ready?
Ceremony OR Speeches Recorded with Audio​
Multiple camera angles, multiple audio sources

Time Capsule experience
We’ll record messages from any guests that want to participate in an interview. These are extremely meaningful!  Highly recommended. We use a separate audio channel and cut out any space between interviews. We love them so much, and I promise, you will too.

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