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Where life is art and love is beautiful

Art Lives Here
Your album is more than a collection of images, it's a celebration of a time in your life. We facilitate in that celebration, in its permanence in digital & printed media, and in its presentation to you and those you love.  The driving force behind our process is something we call "maximum emotional impact". 

If you're new Grey Fox, or Bobby Foxx Photography, thanks for coming to this site to see the work. It means a lot to me.  Keep up with the latest developments by signing up for this newsletter.

We're gonna love your love

There's magic in every story. That's what I've learned over the years, and it's what keeps me coming back to wedding photography

I'm Bobby Foxx 

Find out more about me here


I'm a creative guy with a background in fashion and fine art. That's what I went to school for, and what I've always been good at. I grew up with a camera strap around my neck. My grandfather was a stock photographer, my grandmother a painter and stained glass artist. I take after them. 

My husband and I moved to San Antonio in 2022 and I've been looking forward to re-launching GREY FOX ever since.

I thrive in social situations where I'm meeting 300 new people at once. I know that sounds crazy but it's a huge rush!  I love setting up moments where deep connections can take place. I love bringing the energy up in a room.  It's a gift.

Most of all though: I'm an artist. That's me.  

If you'd like to meet, fill out this form and we'll get coffee! or a zoom call if you're one of those 'stay on the couch' types. That's okay too. 


Your love is unique.  Every love is a surprise, a celebration. Some love is weird, some love is majestic.  Some love is old and new at the same time. 


I want you to know that your love is safe, and that it's safe to celebrate it with me, and with my team. We love a good tearjerker and we'll probably cry at your last dance and laugh at your toasts.   

A big part of what we do is simply appreciate your love, and show you that it's safe to show it. That's how we get the best shots and help you find the magic within.


The rest is technical photography skills and years of experience.  And an eye for light. Gear helps. But it's really relationship building, trust, and a sense of adventure that makes Grey Fox amazing.


we get the coolEST cOUPLES

they get us

I don't know how we do it. We get to photograph the coolest weddings for the coolest people in the coolest places.



Here, check out a few of our faves

Prepare to be astonished by these absolutely massive albums





Let's connect

4300 NE 17th terrace

Gainesville, Florida

Tel: 352-222-8670


Getting in touch is easy!  Just fill out this form:


"A great album can transport you to a time and place in your life. That's what we do: we create a window that allows you to come back whenever you want to, and this process turns memories into art." 



"Bobby Foxx was the photographer I chose for my engagement photos as well as my wedding & I could not have asked for a better person to work with. He is a dedicated professional with the ability to make you feel totally comfortable as he captures beautiful moments, both posed & candidly. When I got my pictures back, they absolutely took my breath away - each held memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I could not recommend working with Bobby more highly, as he not only helps puts you at ease on your big day, but also ensures that you will be able to forever cherish each part of it."

Rebeka Grace

"Our photos are incredible!!! My husband and I purchased a wedding package from Grey Fox Studio that included an engagement photoshoot, rehearsal dinner pics, and wedding pictures. Bobby went over and beyond to capture gorgeous and meaningful pictures during each session. Bobby has a fun and inspiring energy that our guests found contagious. We used our high quality engagement photos for our invitations, which came out beautiful. During our wedding Bobby found secluded areas on the beach where my hubby and I could take pictures together. We even took some pictures at sunset in the ocean And yess Bobby rolled up his pants and followed us into the water. Such a great experience and photographer. I highly recommend hiring Grey Fox Bridal Studio for your photos!"

Jahnava Alyssa

Chris Plaza and Jeremy Mason

Bobby Foxx is amazing! He is professional and fun at the same time. He made my husband and me very relaxed around him. His photography skills can be used in many diverse situations. Bobby did our engagement and wedding photos--and went above and beyond. We are sooo satisfied. I would 100% recommend him.

Breanna Pepa

"I could say so many amazing things about Bobby...I am just going to say he is not only an amazing photographer, visualizer and voice, but has a beautiful soul and really brings his love for the arts through every shot! My partner and I worked with him on a Sunday afternoon and we left at 10 pm. We went in without any expectations and Bobby went above and beyond. He understood our vision and was very helpful in our content creation. If you are in need of a great photographer with great vibes and two adorable angel pups please check his page out! He can make your vision a reality!"

Savanna Q

"Bobby (is) among the upper echelon of my favorite living artists."

Kortland Bottger

"Bobby was an absolute joy to work with. Our pictures turned out so great, and we have recommended him to many friends! His communication was wonderful, and made our special day run smoothly without worries. Highly recommend."

Erica Ross

"Bobby Foxx knows photography. He's got tons of experience and the right kind of attitude for the job. He'll make sure you're extremely comfortable and getting exactly what you want and his fees are ridiculously low for the quality of work he offers. He always has a great time shooting and creating. Bobby is an artist with a creative mind and a great eye, and I know for sure that hiring him will get you an experience that wont compare to anybody else offering professional photography. You will be able to tell that he loves his craft. I could go on and on, but his photos really speak for themselves!"

Dante Campanero

"Bobby Foxx! He is incredibly competent, a hard worker, and quick to deliver. His communication skills show that he genuinely cares about the people he works with. He creates from the heart. Get him while ya can, cause I guarantee you he will will be blowing up before you know it. 🚀✨🥂"

Margaret Driebe

"Bobby Foxx is good people. Very talented and professional. I know he works hard and takes pride in his photos and other endeavors."

Lloyd Boulet

Not only did Bobby capture great memories at a friend's wedding, but he was so charismatic and blended in like he was naturally there and not out of place. He was always smiling and very personable! Great Job! it was lovely meeting you!

Felicity Zentz

"he’s the total package when it comes to artistry. skill, vision, and a sympathetic ear to his clients’ needs/wants. big ups, for sure."

Courtney Cholovich

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