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Art Lives Here
Your album is more than a collection of images, it's a celebration of a time in your life. We facilitate in that celebration, in its permanence in digital & printed media, and in its presentation to you and those you love.  The driving force behind our process is something we call "maximum emotional impact". 

If you're new Grey Fox, or Bobby Foxx Photography, thanks for coming to this site to see the work. It means a lot to me.  Keep up with the latest developments by signing up for this newsletter.

We're gonna love your love

There's magic in every story. That's what I've learned over the years, and it's what keeps me coming back to wedding photography

I'm Bobby Foxx 

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I'm a creative guy with a background in fashion and fine art. That's what I went to school for, and what I've always been good at. I grew up with a camera strap around my neck. My grandfather was a stock photographer, my grandmother a painter and stained glass artist. I take after them. 

My husband and I moved to San Antonio in 2022 and I've been looking forward to re-launching GREY FOX ever since.

I thrive in social situations where I'm meeting 300 new people at once. I know that sounds crazy but it's a huge rush!  I love setting up moments where deep connections can take place. I love bringing the energy up in a room.  It's a gift.

Most of all though: I'm an artist. That's me.  

If you'd like to meet, fill out this form and we'll get coffee! or a zoom call if you're one of those 'stay on the couch' types. That's okay too. 


Your love is unique.  Every love is a surprise, a celebration. Some love is weird, some love is majestic.  Some love is old and new at the same time. 


I want you to know that your love is safe, and that it's safe to celebrate it with me, and with my team. We love a good tearjerker and we'll probably cry at your last dance and laugh at your toasts.   

A big part of what we do is simply appreciate your love, and show you that it's safe to show it. That's how we get the best shots and help you find the magic within.


The rest is technical photography skills and years of experience.  And an eye for light. Gear helps. But it's really relationship building, trust, and a sense of adventure that makes Grey Fox amazing.


we get the coolEST cOUPLES

they get us

I don't know how we do it. We get to photograph the coolest weddings for the coolest people in the coolest places.



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